The ski resort town of Vail, Colorado has an aging 2003 Toyota Prius on its hands.  The Prius doesn't plug-in, so it's time to let it go.

Vail, Colorado is Scenic as Can Be

Vail, Colorado is Scenic as Can Be

That might not be the exact way the deal went down, but city officials in Vail did decide to get rid of the old Prius and have replaced it with a Nissan LEAF.

Parking supervisors will use the LEAF for daily patrols of parking garages and city lots.

Vail's goal is to slowly but surely replace its fleet of vehicles with cleaner offerings.  Some will be plug-ins, though diesel hybrid (non plug-in) was chosen to replace the city's existing fleet of buses.  The city's long-term goal is to reduce fleet emissions by 20% by 2020.  Recent efforts have led to a 12% percent reduction so far.

The lone Nissan LEAF cost the city only $22,196.  A heck of a deal if you ask us.


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