Nissan Motor Thailand (NMT) and the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) signed a 1-year agreement in a project that involves trialing the Nissan LEAF.

It Looks Like More Than A Few Plug-In Buyers

It Looks Like More Than A Few Plug-In Buyers "Chose" The Nissan LEAF

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by NMT president Takayuki Kimura and MEA Governor Arthorn Sinsawas.

Kimura stated:

"Nissan is determined to raise the quality of life by introducing vehicles that are innovative and exciting.  As a global leader in electric vehicles, Nissan has studied the possibilities of introducing and selling electric vehicles in Thailand in the future. We have started by readying the infrastructure in order to make sure that Nissan's electric vehicle technology will respond to customer requirements effectively and gain positive response in the Thai market."

The MEA is currently testing electric vehicles in Bangkok and is prepping the necessary supporting infrastructure.

It's believed that if initial testing of the LEAF goes well in Thailand, then the electric vehicle could launch there as Nissan eyes expanding the reach of the LEAF.

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