How many DC quick chargers are there in Colorado?  Well, if you posed that question a few days ago, then the answer would have been zero.

Only 1 DC Quick Charger in Colorado

Only 1 DC Quick Charger in Colorado

Now, the answer to that question is one.

Colorado got its first CHAdeMO quick charger last week courtesy of a $50,000 unit donated by Nissan.  The charger is in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Museum of Discovery.

Fort Collins Policy and Project, Tom Vosburg, describes the quick charger as a "game changer," adding that Level 3 is "becoming the gas pump for electric vehicles."

Charging at the unit will cost $3 per session, a price that seems cheap to us.

Sadly, most states across the US still have zero DC quick chargers, while several others are like Colorado with only one.

Source: Fox 31 Denver

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