No surprises here.  Okay, maybe there's one unexpected city on the list.

New York Makes the Top 5 List

New York Makes the Top 5 List

According to data provided to Ward's Auto by Anthony Pratt, director of forecasting-Americas at industry analyst firm R.L. Polk, 52% of today's registered plug-in vehicles can be found in these five cities:  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Atlanta.

As Pratt explains:

"Why? Because there’s greater availability of products in these areas and better infrastructure."

The only listed city that jumps out is Atlanta, though it probably shouldn't since even Nissan says Atlanta is a hot bed for plug-in vehicles.

Maybe New York is the unexpected city?  Nope...New York loves plug-ins, too.

Looks like the Top 5 list is as predictable as they come.

Source: Ward's Auto

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