Electric T27 Confirmed for Production As Gordon Murray Sells Design Idea to Unnamed Manufacturer

Gordon Murray confirmed this, via his official blog:

Tiny, Nimble and Ultra Efficient...That's the T27

Tiny, Nimble and Ultra Efficient...That's the T27

"The T25 and T27 concept has now been sold to a customer and with a following wind a lot more drivers should be able to enjoy the centre drive experience in 2016."

We'll rightfully ignore the T25, as it's a gas-burner.  The T27 is a pure electric though, so that's in our territory.

Rather Tall Given Its Width...Don't You Think?

Rather Tall Given Its Width...Don't You Think?

With an unnamed buyer now headed up the final development and production, we expect to see the T27 actually make it out onto public roads driven by the public.  The concept-only T27 will be a part of the past as production appears to be imminent.

The T27 features 1+2 seating, with the driver positioned front and center.  The tiny city car tips the scales at only 680 kg (1,499 pounds).

The T27 is unique in that it actually has crash structures, ABS and traction control—all of which are unexpected in a vehicle of this size.  The T27 is claimed to be exceptionally strong with its tubular steel and composite floor adding to its overall strength.

Additionally, its all-around independent suspension is a rare plus in this class, as is its rear folding seat.
We're not yet sure when the T27 will become available and it still seems unlikely that it'll ever be sold in the US, but as a competitor to the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive or Renault Twizy, it's the T27 that gets our vote.
T27 Spec Sheet

T27 Spec Sheet

Source: Autocar

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