Definitely in Utah

Definitely in Utah

Utah is looking to join the list of states that offer a sizable incentive/credit for purchasing electric vehicles.

Currently, Utah offers a credit of only $605 for those who purchase electric vehicles, but that could increase soon.

Legislators in Utah are beginning to wonder if the state's clean-vehicle credit system is a bit out of whack.

Purchasers of natural gas vehicles receives a $2,500 credit in Utah and some legislators there feel that electric vehicles should come with the same incentive.

Makes sense to us.

Representative Lowry Snow, Republican-Santa Clara, will sponsor a bill to raise electric vehicle credit to $2,500 in January:

"The purpose behind it is to bring to par those credits for people that make investments in both those kinds of vehicles."

It's widely believed that the bill will pass.

Similarly, Representative Patrice Arent, Democrat-Millcreek, will sponsor a bill to exempt charging stations from being regulated as a utility:

"Encouraging the use of electric vehicles, that's one piece of the puzzle.  To have the vehicles and to have them available means we have to have charging stations."

If both bills pass, then Utah could become one of the US' most electric vehicle-friendly states.

Source: SF Gate

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