Natural gas advocate T. Boone Pickens is out there at it once again.  This time though, there's some discussion from T. Boone on the role of plug-in vehicles.

As it turns out, T. Boone has no problem with electric vehicles (as long as they are US-made, that is).

However, T. Boone sees only a limited reach for electric vehicles.  As T. Boone wrote on the Huffington Post:

"People always ask me, "Are electric vehicles the answer?" The truth is as long as you don't want to haul anything or go too far, they sure are. Remember—I'm for anything American, and that includes electric vehicles."

"But an electric battery won't power an 18-wheeler. Just like 18-wheelers, locomotives can't move on a battery. Neither can a barge or a ship. Big users require a combustion engine, and combustion engines run on one of two fuels: imported diesel or domestic natural gas. That's why I'm pushing America to switch to cleaner, cheaper, domestic natural gas."

Of course, T. Boone will always push for natural gas, as that's what he's long done.  However, his admittance that electric vehicles have a role and that he supports them is something we'd never have imagined Pickens saying in the past.

Source: Huffington Post

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