It common knowledge by now that Chrysler-Fiat doesn't show real interest in plug-in vehicles (or even conventional hybrids), but will that change soon?

Lust-worthy? 2011 Dodge Circuit EV

Lust-worthy? 2011 Dodge Circuit EV

Nope, says  Bob Lee, head of Chrysler-Fiat global powertrain.

You see, Fiat is big into diesel and natural gas, not electrification and that's not likely to change for quite some time.

As Lee told Automotive News, Chrysler-Fiat will focus on adding more diesel options to the North American lineup of vehicles and will turn to engine downsizing and turbocharging for its gassers.

There's really no mention by Lee of any focus on electrification, though we do know that Chrysler shows some interest in it.

What's the hold up?  Lee basically says there's no demand for overpriced electric vehicles.  Or, as Automotive News words it, "Chrysler and Fiat will not invest in electrified powertrains until consumers are willing to step up and pay for the technology."

And in the words of Lee, "Many customers want to reduce C02, but they aren't willing to change their lifestyle or pay the cost—yet."

Lee believes it could be a decade until buyers are willing to "pay the cost."

We believe buyers have proven they are more than willing to "pay the cost" right now, so we have no clue where Lee is getting his data from.

Perhaps Chrysler is bitter over its failure to bring to market a remarkable electric vehicle, the Dodge Circuit EV, that would have cemented the automaker's place in the segment.

Source: Automotive News

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