Nissan LEAF Gets A

Nissan LEAF Gets A "CHAdeMO" Boost

In July,  Nissan sold in Japan 1,034 LEAF, which is around a 27% improvement compared to July 2012 and nearly the same level as sold in June.

YTD sales of Nissan flagship is 6,720, or just a few ticks shy of in the same time frame in 2012 when 6,930 were delivered.

The total number of LEAFs sold is now over 28,000 in Japan.  That's roughly 3,000 less than in US where sales surged with 2013 LEAF launch, which led to the US taking over the spot from Japan as the LEAF's number one country .

It is confusing that, despite all these CHAdeMO charging stations in Japan, sales are not growing faster. 10,310 in 2011, 11,115 in 2012 and now it seems again we have trajectory to hit  11,000 or so in 2013.

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