Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

A recent survey conducted by Elbilforeningen (Norwegian EV Association) asked 13,000 electric vehicle owners about their experience. Approximately 15% (1,858) answered questions.

First of all, roughly 91% of respondents are "very satisfied" and close to 9% "satisfied." Only 7 owners reported being "less satisfied" or "dissatisfied."

In Norway, there are over 500,000 households with two or more cars and the survey shows that typically people are swapping one of them with an EV.

Typical EV owner in Norway has a Nissan LEAF (not surprising since LEAF grabs almost all sales) and is using it daily, but that owner also typically has a second ICE vehicle.

In fact 85% of respondents have two or more vehicles, while 15% have only one vehicle: an EV.

But for 87-90%, the electric vehicle is their primary means of travel.  It seems maybe they just haven't gotten around to selling that old ICE beater.

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