CHAdeMO Association reported alarming news that the European Parliament prepared a draft to terminate the CHAdeMO standard in Europe:

"The European Parliament prepares a draft that suggests to terminate CHAdeMO in Europe at the end of 2018, because “the Combo technology is not fully ready at the moment and as there are more than 650 CHAdeMO chargers already installed in Europe, with more than 1 000 to be deployed by the end of 2013” (Amendment 70 on Page 45). CHAdeMO Association is very surprised to learn of this suggestion. While we prepare our reaction to this latest draft report, you can find its original here on the European Parliament website."

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The European Commission earlier decided that IEC 62196-2 Type 2 will be the target AC charging standard for 1 and 3-phase current and now the battle is on for fast DC charging. If the European Union bans CHAdeMO, then manufacturers eventually will not be able to sell vehicles equipped with the CHAdeMO inlet.


Direct Current (DC) fast recharging points for electric vehicles may be alternatively equipped with connectors of Type "CHAdeMO" for a transitional period ending on 31 December 2018."

From Left to Right: Mennekes, CHAdeMO and Combo

From Left to Right: Mennekes, CHAdeMO and Combo

If such a thing passes, we can be sure that operators will move from CHAdeMO to CCS or CHAdeMO/CCS chargers earlier then 2018 and the  CHAdeMO inlet will disappear in new vehicles well before this date (we see no market for vehicles equipped with a near-death QC standard).

The "funny" part is, of course, that CHAdeMO dominates Europe's DC quick charging in terms of number of chargers, number of compatible vehicles and models on the market.  It will be a huge loss to ban a standard when so much effort was put in, mainly by Japanese manufacturers.

For now, CCS does not exist in commercial use.  The most popular EV, the Nissan LEAF, uses CHAdeMO. Renault Zoe and the electric smart are using 3-phase AC for faster charging.

Will it be wise to force the adoption of a standard that's only found on a few upcoming, lower volume vehicles like the BMW i3 or VW e-up!?

And what will become of Tesla's connector in the Model S? If CHAdeMO is banned, are we to assume that Tesla's connector will follow?

Fortunately, there are countries out there like Norway (not a member of the European Union) that will continue to use CHAdeMO.  And, as expected, the CHAdeMO Association loves Norway, stating:

 "Norway, the most CHAdeMO-friendly country in Europe."

For now, the European Parliament's efforts to ban CHAdeMO remain only in the draft stage,  Let's us hope it goes no further than that.

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