Highly Unlikely That You Sit and Wait for Your EV to Charge

Highly Unlikely That You Sit and Wait for Your EV to Charge

A Courier Post reader from Burlington County, New Jersey submitted the following to the daily newspaper.

Charged-Up from Burlington County:

"I see they opened up these charging stations for these all-electric cars. Who has time to sit and wait while your car charges up? It will never take off. It is not going to happen. You need a hybrid combination battery and gas engine. That’s the only way it is going to be feasible. That thing has to be charging as you’re driving. It’s never going to fly. I’m charged up all day long and I’m ticked off about the price of gas."

Unfortunately, this is still the general perception of plug-in vehicles.  The "general public" comments similar to this all the time and what is shows us is a total lack of understanding.

Do electric vehicle owners sit and wait while the vehicle charges?  Most do not.

We don't know where else to go with this without going off the deep end with some never-ending rant that proves "Charged-Up" wrong, so we'll leave it at that and turn it over to you.

Source: Courier Post

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