Remember when we told you that PSEG was installing 13 workplace chargers at its headquarters in New Jersey?

Those chargers came with the added benefits of free "fueling" through 2016 for PSEG employees.

Do you think that was incentive enough to convince PSEG employees to head out to buy a plug-in vehicles?

Turns out, it was (it may have been free parking too, which is valued at around $600 annually in the area of PSEG's headquarters).

A total of 10 PSEG employees immediately hit the road in search of the perfect plug-in to take advantage of free parking and free charging.

Those employees bought vehicles ranging from Nissan LEAFs and Honda Fit EVs, to Chevy Volts, Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid and even a Ford Fusion Energi.

We're not at all surprised that the promise of free charging and parking convinced the PSEG employees to buy plug-ins.  In fact, we think that if other workplaces followed the lead of PSEG, then employees there would do the same.

Oh, one last note, PSEG's 13 chargers represent the single largest grouping of charge points in the state of New Jersey.

And you're probably wondering what it'll cost PSEG for all this plug-in goodness, right?  Well, PSEG says a $25,000 electrical upgrade was required and estimates that electricity will cost 'em an extra $400 per year per vehicle.

Source: NJ Spotlight

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