UK-based company, Rolec Services, recently presented its Chip and Pin Charging.

The main idea (see attached press release below) is to pay for charging via a payment card and not be forced to join any network:

"The great ongoing debate throughout the evolution of the EV charging infrastructure industry has been how to develop a practical and easy to use solution that allows every EV driver the opportunity to pay as they charge as, when and where required, without the hindrance of costly memberships and subscription schemes."

But is the combination of ATM and charging terminal really what we want?

Membership cards, or SMS payments, seem to be more often used by operators. Moreover, now in the US, ChargePoint and ECOtality are trying to build the interoperability company, Collaboratev.  The same is going on in Europe with Hubject project and, in a way, with Tesla who is sort of giving energy away for free.

Role'cs Chip and Pin version probably will be more expensive and another disadvantage is the additional fee from the card transaction (this could be relatively high compared to the cost to charge).

The PAYG option is always welcome along the membership plan, but is this the way of the future or will this ATM method of payment be a mishit?

We'd like to hear from you on what form of payment you'd like to see take over.

Rolec Press Release:

Chip and Pin EV Charging : Problem Solved!

August 1st 2013

The great ongoing debate throughout the evolution of the EV charging infrastructure industry has been how to develop a practical and easy to use solution that allows every EV driver the opportunity to pay as they charge as, when and where required, without the hindrance of costly memberships and subscription schemes.

Until recently, the only organised schemes that have been available have required EV drivers to join an EV charging membership club incurring expensive monthly direct debit payments, whilst still having to pay in full for each individual electric charge.

A further hurdle faced by the EV driver is that the majority of the membership clubs are regionalised meaning that as soon as the driver leaves their specific membership region, they find that they are unable to charge using charging stations operated by another membership scheme.

A recent survey found that an EV driver wishing to travel from their home town of Bristol to Newcastle not only had to be a paying member of their own regional charging area, but also had to temporarily join five other regional membership schemes in order to be able to charge their vehicle during the journey.  The inconvenience of having to set up an additional five temporary memberships is expensive and is possibly another factor stifling the uptake of electric vehicles. 

These membership schemes were devised by a number of EV charging station suppliers who saw an opportunity to use the presence of their charging stations to entice EV drivers into believing that if they didn’t join these schemes, they would not have anywhere to charge their vehicles.  Ultimately these companies wanted to be in a monopolising position of saying to the EV driver, “if you are not a member of my scheme, you will not be able to charge your car at my charging station”.

Not only were these companies looking to receive monthly subscription fees, they were also looking to provide a back office management system that also allows them to take a percentage of the charging revenue leaving the host (owner) of the charging station with minimal income.

In effect, these companies were looking to squeeze as much revenue out of the EV driver and the host as possible and have remained unchallenged, until now.

We at Rolec EV took a slightly different approach and have taken the time to listen and talk to existing and potential EV drivers and the clear message coming from the drivers was that they do not want to become part of membership schemes nor do they want to be trapped within regional confines and were looking to have some kind of universal payment platform that allows them to charge their vehicles, whenever and wherever they like. The general feeling of EV drivers was “We don’t have to be members of BP or Esso to buy fuel so why do we have to be members of closed membership schemes to charge our EV’s”?

Rolec EV and a number of EV driver representatives arranged to meet with the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport, Mr Norman Baker at the Department of Transport in London at the end of 2012 and after lengthy discussions, it was unanimously agreed that the implementation of a nationwide pay as you go (PAYG) EV charging system was the way forward. 

On 19th February 2013, whilst announcing the next round of EV charging infrastructure grant funding, the government confirmed that publicly accessible EV charging stations would be eligible for grant funding only if they had a PAYG system in place.

The future of EV Charging

Whilst a number of the original EV charging station providers attempted to ensure that their outdated systems remained in place in order to protect their investments and long-term business plans, Rolec EV, having taken on board the EV drivers’ concerns, was already developing the AutoCharge : PAYG charging pedestal. 

AutoCharge : PAYG is believed to be the world’s first EV charging station operating with the already familiar, tried and tested bank secure chip and pin payment system, similar to that used for purchasing fuel for a conventional car, groceries at the supermarket or dinner at a restaurant.

This new AutoCharge : PAYG charging pedestal now offers the EV charging industry a universal payment platform that allows every EV driver the ability to charge their electric / hybrid vehicles anywhere in the UK at their convenience, using the bank secure debit and credit cards currently in their wallets.

Bianca Alsop, Rolec EV’s Business Development Manager comments, “We have been working extensively on the technical and operational procedures of the AutoCharge : PAYG chip & pin systems with our partners, Barclaycard and Ingenico and we believe that we have now introduced the perfect PAYG EV charging solution, that fits with EV drivers’ everyday needs as well as our corporate mission and company slogan, “EV Charging : Open to Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day”.

Bianca continues, “Up until the launch of Rolec’s AutoCharge : PAYG charging station range, the EV charging industry was in a state of confusion as to how to enable EV drivers to use EV charging facilities openly and without the necessity of having to become members of numerous charging membership schemes which attract monthly subscriptions and limited the EV drivers’ ability to freely travel throughout the UK.

Our AutoCharge : PAYG charging pedestal eliminates the necessity to become members of any network, giving EV drivers the freedom to simply and efficiently charge their vehicles whenever and wherever suits them.

The AutoCharge : PAYG charging station not only benefits the EV driver, but also adds value to the charging station host due to the fact that almost all the costs of the EV charge ends up directly in their bank account and not in that of the membership management companies’ account.

AutoCharge : PAYG has now completed full testing and inspection procedures and has been approved by Plugged in Places regions as a fully compliant PAYG system that can now be installed throughout the UK and is also eligible for Government grant funding.

With Rolec EV being the designer and actual manufacturer of its entire EV charging product range, we are able to build the AutoCharge : PAYG charging stations in bespoke formats providing the customer with the exact EV charging facilities they require, as well as providing corporate branding and a range of upgrade options.

We are confident that AutoCharge : PAYG with its “EV Charging : Open to Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day” philosophy will benefit the EV industry as a whole and remove a big obstacle in the uptake of electric / hybrid vehicles.

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