LG Chem's Holland Facility To Started Commercial Production In July Of 2013

LG Chem's Holland Facility To Started Commercial Production In July Of 2013

Over the past 12 months LG Chem's Michigan battery plant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons - technicians getting paid to clean the grounds, not starting US production of cells as promised, paying penalties for misusing DoE recovering funds.

But perhaps due to the high profile television and government reports criticising them, LG Chem promised once again to begin producing actual cells in the US for use inside the Chevy Volt and Focus Electric this past April.

Thankfully, we can now start to report good news - all the pre-production test cells have gone through the vetting process with GM, and actual production of cells is now underway.

According to LG Chem spokesman Randy Boileau those cells we be put into action sometime in the fall.

“Once manufactured, lithium ion batteries require a settling period before use, so the company anticipates making its first shipments in late September or early October,” Boileau told MLive

Original plans for the $300+ million facility (half paid by the recovery fund) called for a start of battery production by summer of 2012, with the plant having as many as 440 Michigan workers on hand.

Currently, it is thought just under 200 employees are working three assembly lines inside the factory. LG Chem has also promised to install two more lines by September of 2015.

Production of lithium cells up until this point had come from the company's parent facilities in South Korea.


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