Get Charged Up Here

Get Charged Up Here

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service will be the go-to place to get a public charger in Norfolk, UK.

That's because the Fire and Rescue Service is receiving £131,595 ($202,301 US) to install charge points for plug-in vehicles after successfully bidding for Department for Transport funding.

Norfolk County is currency home to only 22 public charging points, but that'll change soon as Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service will install 40 chargers at 40 fire stations throughout the county.  Only 2 fire stations will not be getting chargers.

Dan Roper, Norfolk County Council’s cabinet member for community protection, had this to say of the Fire and Rescue chargers:

"The facility could be available for public use immediately as they will be able to take payment.  We estimate there are only 22 charging points already in existence in the county, ten of which are in or around Norwich, so clearly the addition of 40 is a significant improvement to the network.  It demonstrates that Norfolk Fire and Rescue is at the forefront of innovation."

It seems odd to us that the local public chargers will be at fire stations.  It could be that the myth of plug-in vehicles going up in flames is still in play...doubt it.  It's more likely the case that Norfolk Fire and Rescue is looking for a way to drive up its operating budget (the chargers will not be free to use) in these difficult economic times.

Source: Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

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