Every so often, we go digging for some state sales figures.  More specifically, we try to hunt down how many plug-in vehicles are registered in a given state.

Wonder if They Own a Plug-In?

Wonder if They Own a Plug-In?

This time, the search led us to Vermont and here's a look at what we found.  As of July 1, Vermont had 282 plug-in vehicles registered statewide.  That's up from the 88 registered there in mid-2012.

More interestingly, over 100 communities within Vermont have at least 1 one plug-in vehicle owner.  That's widespread ownership.

It seems even some rural areas of Vermont are home to plug-ins, as the statistics show that not all of the the electrics there are registered within city centers.

Lastly, Vermont is home to Nissan LEAFs, Chevy Volts, some plug-in Fords, Teslas and more.  Oddly though, the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid is the most popular plug-in in Vermont.  Who'd of guessed that?

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