Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

I'm a Compact...Not a

I'm a Compact...Not a "Small" Car

We now know that the Nissan LEAF captured 0.6% of the midsize vehicle segment in the US in July 2013, but how did the Chevrolet Volt fare in its class with 1,788 units sold in July?

The Volt is a compact, which means that it competes in a slightly weaker segment (in terms of overall sales) than does the LEAF.

So, the Volt should fare a bit better, but that 8.4% mark set by Tesla in its class still remains elusive.  And rightly so as the luxury class which it competes in is downright tiny compared to the midsize and compact segments.

In its compact class, the Chevy Volt captured approximately 0.8% (or 0.83% to be more precise) of the segment.  It's a bit trickier here, since compact and subcompact vehicles are typically grouped into what's known as "small cars" in reporting sales figures.  Sales in the "small car" segment in July checked in at 264,488 units, of which compacts accounted for roughly 214,488.

That's a bit better than the LEAF fared in among the mid-sizers, but we have to reiterate that the compact class isn't quite as HUGE as the midsize segment.

Regardless, there's still no denying that both the LEAF and Volt stack up well against their in-class competition.

Were it not for their slightly elevated price tags (as compared to the average vehicles in the compact and midsize classes), we think the LEAF and Volt would both move up steadily in their respective classes.  The Volt even more so due to its extended-range setup, which has more appeal among the "general public" than a pure electric.

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