Ford Focus Electric production in Germany

Ford Focus Electric production in Germany

At yesterday's i3 presentation, BMW announced base prices for Germany, both with and without the range extender:

 "The base price for the BMW i3 has been set at 34,950 Euros in Germany. If customers opt to purchase the Range Extender as an extra, the price in Germany will amount to 39,450 Euros."

€34,950 seems reasonable for premium brand and not too far away from the LEAF, which begins at €29,690 (Visia), €32,690 (Acenta) and €35,090 (Tekna). Renault ZOE costs €21,700 (Life), €23,500 (Intens and Zen), all with 3.7 kW eBox, but of course you must pay at least €79 a month in battery rental fees, depending on the plan.

All these three electric vehicles prepared for volume production are cheaper than the Focus Electric, which is priced in Germany at €39,990.

And this is the question: Who will buy the electric Ford in Germany, or other countries in Europe, if this price stays as is?

Why is Ford bringing assembly of the Focus Electric to Germany if it insists on offering it at a higher price than the competition?

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