It seems the BMW i3 will be as close to available worldwide as possible.



Never has there been (aside from maybe the Nissan LEAF) an electric vehicle slated to be sold in so many regions around the world.

The i3 will be sold in the US, Canada, Europe, parts of Africa, Singapore, China and the list continues on.

The latest nation to join this growing list is India.

BMW is currently working out some details on the i3's launch date for India, but the German automaker insists it will be sold there.

BMW board member, Harald Krueger, told The Hindu this:

"I was in New Delhi last week. We have discussed about this with the concerned minister. We will definitely come to India as we see there is a potential market. But we cannot say when."

Krueger says BMW will wait for India's charging infrastructure to be built up before sending the i3 there.  The launch in India is going to happen.  We're just not sure when.

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