i3 Build Configurator Now Online at BMW UK

i3 Build Configurator Now Online at BMW UK

While we wait anxiously for the BMW i3 build configurator to fire up in the US, here we catch a glimpse of what might be offered.

i3 Color Choices in UK

i3 Color Choices in UK

These images, captured from BMW's i3 build configurator in the UK, show us what's likely to be in store.

There are six exterior color options (sadly, most of them are silvers and grays), 4 wheel choices (including a 20-inch option) and 4 interior "worlds," as BMW calls them.

Unfortunately, there's no pricing info on the various configurations.  For that, we'll probably have to wait a few more months.


Additionally, none of the option packages are listed yet.In the UK, the i3 retails at £25,680 or $39,325 in USD.  That price includes the UK government’s £5,000 ($7,650 USD) instant grant.  Leases start at  £369 or $565 US dollars.

Additional pricing details (i.e. cost for various options/option packages) are not known at this time.

The i3 will launch in the UK this November.

Follow this link to build your own UK version of the BMW i3.

4 Interior

4 Interior "Worlds"


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