Depiction of a Valetta in the future

Depiction of a Valetta in the future

Valetta Electric Motorcycle is one of the latest Kickstarter projects in electric vehicle field.

The goal is to develop a new, futuristic and highly customizable electric bike: Valetta.

Don't ask us how this thing rides, but boy does it look sweet.

"Valetta motorcycles will be built in such a way so that no two Valettas are identical and yet they may each share parts with ease. We plan to develop an algorithm that cycle forward a design profile so that when a machine cuts or laser etches our components, they will be slightly different from the last cut or etching. We are embracing the idea of customization and individual expression so that every motorcycle we create is truly as unique as a person's fingerprint."

Valetta prototype

Valetta prototype "A"

For now, the founders have an alpha prototype and want to build a Beta version with a DC motor and li-ion batteries and this is where funding is needed.

"We need to build prototype "B."

We need to create a more robust and road worthy vehicle. We intend to create all major structural components from the ground up. We  can make that happen with the proper funding support. Based on the build cost of the first motorcycle, we are certain that $24,000 will allow to develop a better vehicle."

Potential production will of course be limited, but what do you think of this concept?

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