Eligibility Requirements to Receive Grant

Eligibility Requirements to Receive Grant

Save up to $15,000 off an electric vehicle!

Says Central Maine Power.

Unfortunately, only "organizations" qualify.

But still, $15,000 off is quite the deal.

Eligibility requirements are listed above and further down below you'll find program details, so there's not much left to add other than that we sure hope eligible organizations take advantage of this crazy offer.

Program details:

A limited number of grant awards, up to $15,000 per organization, are available. The grants will be used to purchase or lease an electric vehicle. You may also use a portion of the grant award to purchase and install a Level 2 (240 volt) or Level 3 (direct current) vehicle charging station.

Grants may be in the amount up to $15,000 per recipient, or a lesser amount, based on the quantity and quality of applications we receive.

You will have the option to purchase or lease an eligible PEV. If you choose to lease a PEV, it must be for a minimum period of 24 months.

If you are selected as a grant recipient, you will have up to one month to sign a purchase or lease agreement with an electric vehicle auto dealer and/or charging station provider. You will have up to three months to take possession of the vehicle and/or charging station.

To learn the most from our Electric Vehicle Grant Program, we hope to cover a range of geographic areas, include different types of businesses and organizations, and support a variety of electric vehicle models. In addition, we will seek to award grants to organizations that:

Share our strong commitment to the environment

Will maximize the time their PEV(s) spend on the road

Demonstrate a desire to further adopt PEV technology

Are likely to operate and maintain the PEV in a responsible manner

Special consideration will be given to applicants that have plans to evaluate the use of electric vehicles as an option to store off-peak energy for use during peak periods and/or for frequency or voltage support.

Source: Central Maine Power

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