The Tesla Model S Performance is one heck of a machine, but can it match a supercharged Chevy Camaro SS on the track?

This is not your ordinary Camaro SS.

This one here develops over 560 hp and is claimed to be capable of smoking a stock Camaro ZL1, which itself pumps out 560 hp and 556 pound-feet of torque.

Down over 100 hp and 100 pound-feet of torque, the Model S performance should be no match for this Camaro SS.  But was it?

Okay, so the Camaro and Model S are not similar automobiles.  One seats up to 7 and is a family sedan, while the other is a 2+2 sports car.

But still, it's exciting to watch the Model S as it zips off the line.  Isn't it?

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