In what is being touting as "the country’s first 100 per cent electric one-way car-sharing service," Nissan and car provider Auto-mobile have brought 20 LEAFs to the city of Montreal.

It is still a pilot project at the moment, but if successful, look for the model to be copied in other large cities in Canada

According to Auto-mobile, there is no human contact needed to rent the car and you can rent it for almost any amount of time, and leave it almost anywhere when you are done.:

"The whole process is fully automated. Anyone who’s signed up for the car-sharing scheme can discover where the nearest car has been left by using an app on a smart phone. Access to the car is then via an OPUS charge card which is used by all transit companies throughout the Great Montreal area.

The car can be hired for a few minutes, a few hours or even by the day. And to make the scheme even more attractive, every LEAF in the scheme has a universal parking permit allowing it to be left almost anywhere."

How much to rent the 75 mile EV?

We find the rates fairly attractive:  38 cents a minute, $12 a hour or $50 a day

Cost To Rent A Nissan LEAF In The Program Is Fairly Reasonable

Cost To Rent A Nissan LEAF In The Program Is Fairly Reasonable

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