India's Tata Motors is not a name that appears often on InsideEVs.

This is Only a Concept

This is Only a Concept

Aside from the eMO-C Electric Concept, we can't dig up a single other Tata deserving of appearing on this site.

But that may change though by 2020.

Apparently, Tata Motors is ready to turn its attention more towards alternative technology vehicles.

Over the next 7 years, Tata says it'll launch a host of new vehicles offerings, including some that plug in.

Will we see any in the US?  No, but the advancement of the technology in places like India will ultimately help drive the cost of production down in the rest of the world.  And that is not bad.

All of this is part of a grander move for Tata as it looks to drive up sales, which have been in a slump as of late.  Tata hopes to further break out of its home market of India with some of these advanced vehicles.  The automaker will seek to expand sales in South America and the Middle East (not so sure electrics will be hot sellers there).

For Tata Motors, all of this action fits under its HORIZONEXT strategy, which is based on intense product focus, world-class quality and manufacturing, enriched customer purchase experience and a consistent, robust after-sales service.  The goal is to drive growth.

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