What's it like to, as a family, only own one vehicle, which is to be shared amongst two individuals?

LEAF Goes 100 Miles on $4

LEAF Goes 100 Miles on $4

If you're like the vast majority of families within the US, then owning just one vehicle (to be shared by two+ people living under one roof) is likely something you've never personally experienced.

But for this Washington couple, owning one vehicle is now a reality.

But it's not the fact that one vehicle is shared amongst two that intrigues us.

It's that the vehicle of choice was the Nissan LEAF.

The married couple you see here went from owning two vehicles down to only one Nissan LEAF.

That's a jump few would be willing to take and we truly applaud them for making such a bold decision.

Has it worked out?

Watch and you'll soon discover what it's like to share one Nissan LEAF in a family of two.

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