Electric vehicles are the cleanest form of personal transportation in Arizona, according to the results of a report released by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP).

This Too is Somewhere in Arizona

This Too is Somewhere in Arizona

SWEEP examined electric, compressed natural gas and gasoline automobiles to determine which fuel type was the cleanest in Arizona.  The results are not a surprise.

Mike Salisbury, transportation research associate at SWEEP, had this to say:

"Electric vehicles are becoming more common on roads in the Southwest, and policymakers need to know if they are cleaner than conventional gasoline and natural gas-fueled vehicles."

SWEEP says that Arizona's relatively clean electricity mix means that electric vehicles are the right choice for those trying to "clean up their act."  With only 35% of the state's electricity coming from coal, electric vehicles emit the lowest amount of greenhouse gases.  Natural gas vehicles (CNG) landed in second place and traditional gasoline automobiles in dead last (third).

SWEEP discovered that electric vehicles could go down the road 100 miles on the same amount of energy that could get CNG only 78 miles and gasoline autos 70 miles.

So, if you're an Arizonian and owning the cleanest form of personal transport tops your priority list, then electric is the choice.



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