Remember that poll conducted by Censuswide?

Fear of Dogs = Cynophobia

Fear of Dogs = Cynophobia

Well, the findings from that poll boiled down to this:

A poll conducted by Censuswide shows that over 40% of Britain’s drivers would consider buying an electric vehicle within the next 5 years if certain limitations to EV can be overcome.  Those limitations or barriers are strictly related to cost and public infrastructure, both of which should be a non-issue in 5 years’ time.  Cost isn’t the main issue, according to the poll.  Rather, it’s the lack of a widespread public charging infrastructure that’s holding buyers back.  A full 62% of respondents stated that the lack of charging stations make electric vehicles seem impractical and 72% claim to have never seen a public charger.

Now, Electronic Design is claiming that the results of the poll show that an electric vehicle phobia exists in the UK:

"Why Does EV-Phobia Plague Most British Drivers?"

"The immediate answer to that question could be they are just plain crazy and simply have no regard for the ecological advantages afforded by electric vehicles (EVs). But that’s not it. The reality is that 62% of Britain's drivers believe national infrastructure falls short in supporting EVs. The sense is that recharging, particularly on long journeys, could be haphazard. In fact, over 70% of drivers surveyed said they had never seen a public EV charger."

"Well, they’re right. Let's face it, why would you buy a car that’s much more expensive than a petrol/diesel equivalent, yet becomes an inconvenience when it came to finding vacant charging points?"

Electronic Design continues by saying this:

"However, the apparently EV-phobic attitude of drivers isn’t entirely their fault. The UK Government must shoulder some responsibility for not adequately publicizing certain facts about EV ownership."

"...There may be 3000 public charging points in the UK, but that’s nowhere near enough to meet demand, especially if the Government plans to reach its target of 1.7 million EV owners by 2020. That works out to one charging point for every 567 EVs…not a viable panacea when it comes to curing EV-phobia."

One charging point per 567 plug-in vehicles?  Wrong.  This assumption completely ignores that almost every plug-in vehicle owner has a home charger, meaning it's more like a 1 to 1 ratio.

We find it to be unacceptable that some "news" outlets continue to twist the figures and facts in a way that suits them.

There exists no electric vehicle phobia in the UK.  Ask those that live there.  Or query the automakers that sell plug-ins in the UK.  This phobia is non-existent.

And as for the Censuswide poll, it appears to be lopsided too.

Source:Electronic Design

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