With cameras flashing and passers-by taking notice, the stunning and amazingly efficient plug-in hybrid Volkswagen XL1 rolled into London.

Or, as Volkswagen explains it:

"The world's most fuel-efficient hybrid production vehicle, the XL1, was taken for a drive through London and unsurprisingly, it got quite a lot of attention."

Of course the XL1 turns heads.  It's radical design is quite unlike any production vehicle ever made.

But the true highlight of the XL1 is its efficient operation.  Here are some details on that:

  • all electric range of 31 miles
  • slightly askew 2 person seating
  • an aerodynamic Cd rating of just 0.18
  • vehicle weight of  1,753 pounds.
  • top speed of 98 mph
Oh, and a claimed fuel efficiency rating of only 261 MPGe.

Check out this for more info on the XL1,

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