Fiat 500e is Chrysler's

Fiat 500e is Chrysler's "First Step" into EVs

Luckily, the rather spectacular Fiat 500e is "just the first step" for Chrysler in the electric vehicle arena.

Those are the words of Mike Duhaime, global director of Chrysler’s electrified propulsion and engineering.

Duhaime Looking at EV Stuff

Duhaime Looking at EV Stuff

Duhaime's past includes being chief engineer of powertrain for the Chevy Volt, so we think he's capable of more stellar electrified vehicles.  Oh, he's got 33 years of experience under his GM belt too and is 1 year into his Chrysler stint now.

Chrysler admits to being behind the time in regards to electric vehicles and knows that catching up what happen quick enough.

But Duhaime does note that "There are electric vehicles in our future."

Duhaime says he took the spot at Chrysler under the promise of getting a chance to develop new electric vehicles, something Chrysler desperately needs.  So, let's hope that the 500e isn't a once and done.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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