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General Motors CEO Dan Akerson is readying the automaker for the possible disruptive force that is Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk Says Bring It On

Elon Musk Says Bring It On

Bloomberg is reporting that GM will assemble a Tesla task force to study the possible threat coming from the electric automaker.

News organization Bloomberg quotes Steve Girsky, GM vice chairman, as saying this: 

"He thinks Tesla could be a big disrupter if we’re not careful.  History is littered with big companies that ignored innovation that was coming their way because you didn’t know where you could be disrupted."

Akerson has reportedly "assigned a small team to study billionaire industrialist Elon Musk’s upstart electric-car maker and how it might threaten the 104-year-old automaker’s business," says Bloomberg.

Why spy on Tesla?  Well, Bloomberg says that it's part of a bigger strategy at GM, one that is focused on developing and producing vehicles with cutting-edge technology.  Yes, Tesla has that cutting-edge technology, but should GM be worried over Tesla?

For the top exec at GM to say he's concerned that Tesla could be a disrupter, there has to be some fear there.  Maybe more than we're lead to believe.

We're sure Musk will be thrilled to learn that GM is now "looking over his shoulder."  We can almost sense that Musk is already grinning from ear to ear.

Source: Bloomberg

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