When we look a little closer at CHAdeMO quick-charge manufacturers, we start to see some interesting stuff, including this: nearly 3 out 4 CHAdeMO chargers comes from one of these three companies - Nissan, ABB or Fuji Electric.

To date, the number of CHAdeMO points exceed 2,700, of which well over half are located in Japan.

One of 400 Nissan QC for Europe

One of 400 Nissan QC for Europe

Recently, Nissan informed us that by March, 2013, 800 DC chargers were installed by dealers in Japan. We assume that all of these are Nissan devices.

Nissan also promised to set up 400 units in Europe and we believe that most of them (if not all) are already in place.  Another several dozen of the Nissan chargers can be found in US.  So, the total number of Nissan chargers easily exceeds 1,000.

Second place in the rankings belongs to ABB -  with around 600 CHAdeMO chargers installed and hundreds more to come - for example in Netherlands.

Fuji Electric 25 kW CHAdeMO charger

Fuji Electric 25 kW CHAdeMO charger

Third place seems to be held by Japan's Fuji Electric Corporation, who by April 2013 installed over 350 CHAdeMO chargers. And now, just like ABB, they have assembly line for these units in the US.

These three companies likely delivered over 2,000 units, which is about 75% of all the CHAdeMO chargers in the world.

We also know that AeroVironment and ECOtality produced and installed some in the US.  Combined, their efforts probably resulted in up to 200 CHAdeMO charger installs.  So, for all of the rest of the 40 or so charger manufacturers in the world, there remains only a few hundred CHAdeMO units to have been installed or less than 20% of the market.

It'll be interesting to see how the "quick-charge" market shapes up in the next few years, especially with Tesla Motors installing more and more superchargers and the SAE Combo Charger hitting the stage.

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