Shortly after Goldman Sachs issued a note with a somewhat negative future outlook for Tesla Motors, a Dougherty & Co. analyst shot back.

TSLA Stock Shoots Back Up

TSLA Stock Shoots Back Up

The Goldman Sachs note led to one of TSLA's worse days on the market, but Dougherty & Co. headed up a rebound.

Andrea James, an analyst for Dougherty & Co., issued a positive note for TSLA, which then led to the stock's largest single-day rise in 7 weeks.

James had strong words for Tesla in the report, which included a price target increase from $90 to $200.

Quoting James:

"We ultimately believe Tesla is a $300 stock at the factory's maximum capacity, which we hair cut to $200 for the execution risk."

But that wasn't all that James had to say.

"We believe that Tesla is the only firm that has figured out how to make work."

And that's why Dougherty & Co.'s outlook for TSLA is so bullish

Source: Automotive News

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