"Marking GM's return to building full-electric cars, the Chevrolet Spark EV improves upon its slow and noisy gasoline-powered version."

It's Crazy Quick

It's Crazy Quick

Those are the words of Consumer Reports.  The world's leading consumer magazine then adds this:

"We think the Spark EV is by far the best version of this car."

Additional words of praise continue throughout Consumer Reports' first drive video review.  Here are some highlights:

"The latest Chevrolet Spark is the most recent EV to attempt to shatter electric cars' reputation as anemic and inept. And it succeeds, being the best version of this small hatchback."

"...it's also one of the most enjoyable electric cars we've driven and a compelling overall package."

"Turning the diminutive Spark into an EV transforms it into a punchy, zippy, fun little runabout, a far cry from the conventional, slow noisy and stiff Spark that earned a meager overall score in our tests."

Check out the first drive video for all the flattering statements put forth by Consumer Reports.

The Spark EV is currently available in both California and Oregon from $27,495.  It leases for as low as $199 per month.

The electric Spark boasts 82 miles of range, and a 119 MPGe combined rating from the EPA (128 city/109 highway).

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