"Company of the Year."

That's the title Tesla Motors is gunning for over at Yahoo! Finance and the electric automaker is in the lead...by a substantial margin.

Tesla, Boeing, Microsoft.  That's a rare league to be placed in.

Yahoo! Finance lets its readers decide on the "Company of the Year" and in its mid-term update, it's Tesla Motors who's in the lead.

As of July 15, here's how it looked for the contenders for the award:

  • Tesla - 40%
  • Boeing - 19%
  • Microsoft - 10%
  • Kroger - 7%
  • LinkedIn - 7%
  • Best Buy - 6%
  • Western Digital - 4%
  • MetLife - 4%
Yes, Tesla is crushing the competition.

Yahoo Finance! isn't too picky in regards to who can win its "Company of the Year" title.  Here's the only criteria:

"The company should have increased its dividend payout since Jan. 1 (which Tesla does not issue); grew profits and revenue from the prior year; raised earnings or sales forecasts; has donated to charitable organizations or established charitable foundations."

Still, it seems there's no way Tesla will lose this one.  Wanna vote?  Follow this link to find out how.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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