Boulder Electric Vehicle service body truck

Boulder Electric Vehicle service body truck

Longmont, Colorado-based UQM Technologies recently extended its cooperation with Boulder Electric Vehicle, maker of all-electric commercial vehicles.

Editor's Note:  Readers may remember UQM as the company that built the propulsion systems for CODA; and who also first split the beans on CODA's financial troubles by completely writing off the work they had provided for the California start-up

UQM will be sourcing electric motors and controllers for Boulder Electric for the next three years.

Boulder Electric Vehicle will, in its DV-500 commercial vehicle platform (for delivery vans, flatbed trucks and service body trucks), use the UQM PowerPhase HD 220 powertrain with 700 Nm of peak torque, 220kW of peak power and 120kW on a continuous basis. Shipments of these systems under the agreement began two months back.

Carter Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Boulder Electric Vehicle, stated:

 "In addition to the power level we wanted for our DV-500 all-electric platform, the UQM systems also provide outstanding efficiency, which will help us meet our driving range goals. We have been very happy with the performance and efficiency of UQM systems previously incorporated into our vehicles, and we are looking forward to using the PowerPhase HD 220 system which was designed to meet the unique needs of commercial vehicles."

For UQM, this deal is similar to the new long-term supply agreement of PowerPhase HD systems made with Electric Vehicles International (EVI) for its all-electric walk-in vans and medium-duty commercial trucks.  UQM signed another three-year supply agreement with Proterra to provide UQM PowerPhase HD 220 for  Proterra's all-electric bus; the EcoRide BE35.

The question that remains is whether or not these orders from smaller manufacturers will be enough to see UQM move closer to profitability after high volume orders from CODA didn't come true.

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