ELMOFO Electric Radical

ELMOFO Electric Radical

Last weekend, Australian company ELMOFO (Electro Motive Force) set a new lap record for EVs at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Driver John Bowe, who is the Australian Motorsport Champion, set a 1:37.5 time on 3.9 km track. This is not quicker than ICE racers, but difference is measured in seconds.

"Australian Motorsport Legend, John Bowe, pilots the ELMOFO Electric Radical around Sydney Motorsport Park at the Shannon's National Motor Racing Championships."

"Although the vehicle was running in a demonstration capacity only, JB went out on new, cold tyres with very a very limited rundown on the vehicle and set an EV Lap Record for the 3.9km track. JB had not previously driven a Radical, nor had he driven an Electric Vehicle so it was fantastic"

Interesting is that the ELMOFO vehicle is based on the Radical SR8, just like TMG EV P002, which competed at Pikes Peak.

ELMOFO's drivetrain consist of two motors and puts out 300 kW and 600 Nm of torque (440 lb fts) up to 5,000 rpm.  The motors can spin up to 10,000 rpm.



Some older videos from additional tests:






Source: ELMOFO via Electric Vehicle News

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