Some Guy Charging a Nissan LEAF at Goodwood

Some Guy Charging a Nissan LEAF at Goodwood

The Goodwood Circuit (1948) and its nearby hillclimb course (1936) have been operational for decades now.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual racing event that features mostly historic vehicles.  It's a sight to see.

Now, Goodwood is catering to a new breed of vehicle, one that plugs in.

The Goodwood Estate, home to the Festival of Speed, is getting 3 quick chargers donated by Nissan.  A pair of LEAFs will be added to the Goodwood stable of fleet vehicles, too.

The quick chargers will be open to the public, a move that Estate officials hope will make Goodwood a destination spot for electric vehicle owners.

Lord March, manager of the Goodwood Estate, had this to say:

"I am thrilled Nissan has so generously agreed to install three electric vehicle charging points at strategic locations around the Goodwood Estate.  Electric vehicles are a key ingredient to the future of motoring and reducing harmful emissions and, with Nissan’s support, I am pleased to be pioneering this ethical form of transportation across Goodwood, especially with the British-built LEAF."

Jim Wright, managing director of Nissan GB, says this:

"We are delighted that Goodwood is installing these rapid chargers and naturally, we hope Lord March and his staff will enjoy driving the LEAFs. LEAF sales have really gained momentum in the past few weeks as drivers discover the advantages of going all-electric."

The quick chargers are part of Nissan's targeted 150 in the UK by next spring.

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