Autocrossing is pure joy.

For those who have experienced it first hand, autocrossing is non-stop excitement on the cheap and safe.

It's a way to get out there and test your own personal ride at the limit.

Sure, some autocross events are competitive.  But others are just about having a blast on a track where it's reasonable safe to explore the boundaries of any vehicle in existence.

That's the case here as a Tesla Model S owner put the electric sedan through the paces in Samoa, CA.

With traction control set to off, you can see how the Model S becomes a handful.  It's no autocrosser.  It's too big and heavy for that.

However, the driver keeps the Model S reasonably well in check as he darts around the cones.

How quick was the Model S?  Well, according to the driver, the best run was only 3 or so seconds shy of the top mark set on the track that day.

Watch the video 'til the end, as it gets interesting when the Model S' tires start squealing right before...

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