It’s Like Macworld for Tesla.
TESLIVE: CEO Musk Says Tesla's Biggest Challenges Are

But it’s called TESLIVE.

Tesla Motors Club, along with Tesla Motors, teamed up to bring us an event known as TESLIVE.

TESLIVE kicked off on Friday July 12 at the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley with exhibits, a meet-and-greet,  a reception, some conference-like sessions, a Tesla Motors-sponsored party/tour at its factory and an appearance by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The three-day event ended on Sunday.

Here's a Condensed Version of the TESLIVE Agenda

Here's a Condensed Version of the TESLIVE Agenda

More than 300 people came from around the world (including from places as far away as Japan and Hong Kong) to partake in the inaugural TESLIVE event.

For some, the chance to see Tesla CEO Elon Musk in person was the real draw.  Musk, as usual, did not disappoint.

Musk uncorked a bottle of wine (presented to him by a Tesla fan) to get the festivities underway.

Later, at a lunch-table discussion, Musk spoke a bit about the business of Tesla.

The CEO highlighted two challenegs that the automaker is faced with right now:


What's "Big-company-itis"...hmm...that's a head-scratcher

  • "Avoiding big-company-itis"
  • Getting Panasonic to ramp up cell production
Big-company-itis is when a small company forgets its roots, let's consumer satisfaction slide, overreaches its abilities and, in general, becomes one more of those greedy companies that simply don't give a sh@# about anything not related to the bottom line.

Tesla should have no problem avoiding this, at least for some years to come.

So, the bigger current challenge is this cell ramp up, to which Musk says this:

"We're working with Panasonic to ramp up production. We need a lot of battery.  The sheer number of battery plants that needs to get built is quite staggering."

This could be a "real" problem.  If Musk is being serious here, then this could play out to be quite an issue as Tesla looks to increase production and eventually add the Model X and that third-generation cheaper Tesla into the mix.  Then there's that electric truck, too.

Let's hope that the cell production ramp up goes smoothly or it could be something that really clogs up Tesla's future targets.

Source: Mercury News

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