Soon, we'll post an infographic with the fastest electric vehicles on Earth.

Catch 22

Catch 22

At the bottom of that infographic is this statement:

"The "Catch 22" with EVs is:"

"Until more people buy EVs, their costs will remain high."

"Until the costs of EVs are lowered, fewer people will buy them."

Is this the electric vehicle "Catch 22?"

If so, then what's the solution?

Artificially and temporarily lower costs to drive up demand?  Allow ample time to pass so that progress leads to a lower price?  Keep prices high so that "fewer people" continue to buy them?

Is there even an EV "Catch 22?"

Sales are steadily rising.  Costs are slowly coming down.  Perhaps the "Catch 22" described here will work itself out on its own.


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