Two weeks ago Renault announced that the Twizy lineup would be expanding to include the Cargo edition.  Now Nissan's alliance partner in the EV game brings you a video of that car in action.  Very French action.

Basically, if you do not need that 'extra' seat in the 1+1 configuration, Renault can now sell you a more practical Twizy, one with a rear trunk/hatch.

Looking at the demographics, it makes a lot of sense to produce this car because currently 3 out of every 5 sales on the Renault city car are to companies, not individuals.

Access to the boot is from the rear via a lockable 90° door.  The Twizy Cargo's, uh, cargo area is actually fairly large at 180l/75 kg.

The Twizy Cargo will be available in two trims:

  • Cargo (top speed of 80 kph/50 mph)
  • Cargo 45 (top speed of 45 km/h/28 mph)- also of note, thanks to only 4 kW of power you can drive it without a license
Prices (excl. VAT) are set €6,750 ($8,850 USD) for Cargo 45 and €7,350 ($9,600 USD) for the Cargo version, with a battery hire at €50 ($65 USD) a month


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