Hydro is One Renewable Energy Source

Hydro is One Renewable Energy Source

According to a recent study publish in Environmental Research Letters (ERL), buyers in both the US and Canada care where electricity comes from when debating whether or not purchase an electric vehicle.

The study shows that there was a 23% increase in demand for plug-ins knew that some sort of green electricity would charge their electric vehicle.

The study is based upon a rather extensive survey of 3 groups of buyers: conventional new vehicle buyers; hybrid vehicle buyers; and plug-in electric vehicle buyers.

The questions posed went something like this:

  1. How interesting are you in purchasing a plug in as your next vehicle?
  2. How interested are you in "green" electricity?
  3. How interested would you be in purchasing a plug-in vehicle if "green" electricity would charge it?
The responses obviously varied, but as John Axsen (a research partner involved with the study) states:

"We found that combining, for example, a solar-cell system installation with the sale of a PEV made it a more attractive purchase. We were expecting a small increase in interest, but did not expect a 23% increase in demand from conventional car buyers."

Furthermore, a full one-third of conventional vehicle buyers value combining a plug-in with green electricity.  As expected, that one-third figure jumped much higher when the researchers surveyed current hybrid or plug-in vehicle owners.

One additional finding jumped out at us a bit.  Of those surveyed, most cited saving money as the reason they were considering a plug-in vehicle.  Local air pollution was mentioned quite often, too.  This would seem to indicate that the general public is finally starting to understand the cost benefits of going electric.  If true, then perhaps the EV revolution is closer than previously thought.

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