Arval Must Like Modern Design

Arval Must Like Modern Design

We see this more and more these days.

Arval, a fleet solutions firm, is getting into electric vehicles.

Arval's target is to educate fleet owners on the benefits of going electric.  The idea is to match the needs of the various fleets out there with the right types of electrified vehicles.

Arval doesn't want fleet t own pure electric vehicle if they don't suit their needs.  Likewise, why should a fleet operate plug-in hybrids if pure BEVs would be a better fit?

Arval is working on a service known as Drive Cycle Mapping, which is designed to work out where businesses can make savings with the use of alternative fuel vehicles and match the most appropriate ones to their needs.

The firm's fleet consultant, Paul Marchment, says this of Arval's focus on providing fleets with electrified vehicles:

"There are lots of new drivetrains on the market now - electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, hydrogen; each one has its place on a fleet somewhere, depending on the usage."

"I call it a Betamax/VHS area that we're in at the moment. we see it as our job to understand that technology and where it works in a fleet."

"You need to look at the profile of your drivers. If you've got perk drivers who live within 10 miles of the office, who are just commuting then doing a bit of shopping at the weekend, then an EV might suit them."

"For consultants who live close to the office but do long journeys on occasion, something like a Vauxhall Ampera or a Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid might suit. If you've got sales reps just steaming up and down motorways then a diesel will do the trick."

Arval wants to be able to accurately convey how each type of vehicle works under real-world circumstances.  To do that, Arval won't rely on MPG, MPGe, or electric range figures provided by automaker, but rather on its own independent testing of the vehicles out on public roads.

Here's what Marchment says of that:

"We've taken most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles etc, put them on our own test cycle and done a set route to put their vehicles under our own test."

"Only two of us drive the cars and we've both been eco-trained. Then we measure the true mpg and the true battery range. We're aiming to get a solution for some time next year."

By accurately testing vehicles in the real world, Arval should be in a position to recommend only the right type of electrified vehicles to the various fleets out there.  In this way, the fleet owners know what to expect and should be pleased with their final choices.

Arval is not the first fleet solutions firm to focus on electrified vehicle and certainly won't be the last.  Fleet and EVs are a near-perfect match, so expect to see this as a primary focus for fleet solution firms as we move ahead.

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