E-books basically changed the way some parts of the world read books and they did so almost overnight.

That's because E-books offer mostly only benefits over traditional books, but come with none of the drawbacks.  E-books are cheap, easy to haul around and can quickly download the latest bestsellers.  Certainly there are a few downsides to E-books (for example, most now come with advertising), but none of the minute drawbacks take away from positives, or perhaps they do, but not enough so that the average consumer would decide not to buy one.  E-books revolutionized an existing product.

The same can not yet be said of electric vehicles.  In this state of infancy, most electric vehicles don't take the standard automobile to new heights.  By this, we mean that EVs typically aren't quicker than conventional autos, don't necessarily offer improved handling, provide more range or come packed with more convenient features.  Sure, there are some EVs out there that do outperform their conventional counterparts is most areas, but, by and large, today's EVs try to match, but not beat, the fossil-fueled competition.

Yes, electric vehicles clearly win in some areas, but they lose in others.  It's not all evident, especially to the general public, that electric vehicles offer enough benefits (along with very few drawbacks) to make not buying one almost a foolish decision.

We believe the general public is waiting for EVs to be like E-books, then they'll truly catch on.  When the day come where electric vehicles beat their ICE competitors on most or all fronts, ICE will quickly vanish and EVs will reign supreme.

How far off is that day?  Well, it's coming, there's no denying that, but we'll have to patiently wait for quite some time still.

Natural resources are scarce.  The environment is fragile.  EVs are clearly the way forward, but we're still all waiting for that no-compromise electric to come.  And it will come.  Place your bets on that.  The arrival of the no-compromise EV will mark the day when electric takes over and ICE fades away forever.

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