Chevrolet Volts Charging Up

Chevrolet Volts Charging Up

General Motors’ Head of Consumer Affairs, James Bell,was discussing commercial use of electric vehicle at 2013 Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Conference in early June.  As Bell stated, electric vehicles are ideally suited for commercial application, especially for small businesses and fleet operators.  Bell suggested that now's the time for the commercial sector to get more into vehicles powered by battery.

Quoting Bell:

"Not only do people see great economic opportunity here, but they also pick up on the fact that these vehicles are better for the environment and reduce our dependency on oil."

Truth be told, commercial buyers usually opt for electric vehicles for one reason: to cut down on operating costs.

Bell further stated that the overall transition to electric is just around the corner and noted that some well-know corporations, such as Bosch, are starting to invest big in EVs.  Bell says that it takes commitment from corporations like Bosch to show that electric vehicle are here to stay.

But one necessary element is largely missing, says Bell.  That's infrastructure.

Bell says that an expansion of the public charging infrastructure will ease the minds of potential consumers and make for an easier overall transition to electric vehicles.

"It isn’t really car news as nearly as much as it is infrastructure news, as I will be able to buy an electric car and be able to find charging stations around my town as I am able to find gassing stations today."

This need-for-more-infrastructure statement is something we continually come across now and, even though most charging will occur at home, we understand the importance of public chargers.  Not only do they allow current EV owners to travel further, but they also show the general public that there is indeed widespread support for electric vehicles.

Source: TRNS

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