Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Almost record-breaking sales result of LEAF in US and a solid score in Japan pushed Nissan to establish new all-time LEAF sales record in its two biggest markets (US and Japan).  The combined single-month result is not a statistic you'll see elsewhere, but we love our sales figures at InsideEVs, so here goes.

The 2,225 copies of the LEAF sold in US in June, combined with the 1,045 LEAFs sold in Japan in June, means that 3,270 LEAFs were sold in the two nations in a single month. This is first time that sales exceeded 3,000 (in US and Japan combined) and is 358 units above the 2,912 sold (US and Japan) in March.

The Japanese result is very positive, especially since the local automotive market there is falling down like in Europe.

In June, automotive sales in Japan shrank by 17.5% year over year. Some automakers, like Honda, have lost over 40% of sales compared to last year.  Ouch!

In such circumstances, it is not surprising that LEAF sales in Japan after six months are almost 7% lower than in the same period as last year.

Check out the chart below for LEAF sales in Japan in the first 6 months of the last 3 years.

First six months of Result
2011 5,457
2012 6,115
2013 5,686


Combined (US and Japan) cumulative sales of LEAF at the end of June was 56,481 (27,130 in Japan and 29,351 in US) and growing.

Sales in Europe are more difficult to pinpoint, but probably check in somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000 units.

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