It's not the world's most prestigious automotive award, but it's still something few vehicles can claimed to have earned.

BMW i8 Spyder Interior

BMW i8 Spyder Interior

The plug-in hybrid BMW i8 Roadster (aka Spyder) has won the North American Concept Car of the Year Award for Best Production Preview Vehicle.

Yes, that's a real award and it's one of those that are decided on by a panel of automotive journalists.

By winning the award, the BMW i8 Spyder has been deemed a) a sexy concept that journalists drool over and b) a vehicle that previews a production model.

The i8 is not some one-off zany concepts like those that often fill the floors at auto shows around the globe.  The i8 is indeed production bound and will stay extremely close to concept previewed here.

The i8 is a two-time winner, too.  In 2012, it was named overall Concept Car of the Year by the same panel of automotive journalists.

The i8 Coupe is expected to go on sale in 2014, but it'll likely be a Model Year 2015 vehicle.  The i8 Coupe will be followed by the super sleek i8 Roadster/Spyder a few months to a year later.

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