Google Now Considers Entering Electric Vehicle Industry

Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, recently spoke with the folks at Autocar after attending the record-setting run by the electric Drayson B12 69.

Pranked...Google Co-Founder's Tesla Model S Gets Flashiest Ever Makeover

Pranked...Google Co-Founder's Tesla Model S Gets Flashiest Ever Makeover

As Schmidt told Autocar, Google's interest in electric vehicles is expanding.  Google has several ongoing projects that involve the automotive industry, but now it seems the Internet search giant might turn its attention towards electric vehicles.

Here's what Schmidt had to say to Autocar:

"This is the beginnings of a new industry.  History has proven that new technology thrives best in new companies. I figure that in 20 years’ time, electric cars will be in the mainstream."

"The technology itself is simple and the application of it is advancing quickly. Eventually, people will have to look at internal combustion-engined cars and ask why we drive such complex vehicles. Digital cameras have replaced analogue cameras; the same will eventually happen with our cars."

"Ultimately, I don’t know where Google fits in. But if we can get involved in anything that promotes new technology, innovation, materials and so on, then we’ll be signed up for it."

There's been talk before that Google might well be the best suitor for Tesla Motors, though nothing on the record was mentioned.  It's all speculative at this point, so speculate away.  Precisely where do you see Google fitting in?

Source: Autocar

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